What distinguishes the cyberarena gaming platform from other gaming platforms.


Cyberarena, powered by $DOGE, is the world’s first interactive AR & VR battle metaverse.

Exceptional difference

First AR/VR #Metaverse supported and built on DogeChain
- Dev by Imperium Games studio with 30M+ combat #gaming downloads
- Brought by the cinematic studio of #Witcher3, #StarWarsRebellion, #Battlefield3, #MadMax and more

Contrary to most web3 #NFT #Metaverses, Cyber Arena's players can rely on their skills to advance in the ranking list ⚔️
At #CyberArena, players will measure their skills and tactics, not pocket depths ⚡️

Ready. Steady. Fight!

- Optimized for rapid, real-time combat gaming-zero latency experience.
- No pay to win benefits
- Brand partnerships led by global IP firm
- Multi-game ecosystem for gaming and combat sport fans




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