From startup to international product👣

A year has passed since the launch of S-Wallet🚀 During this time, we have gone from a small startup to an international and technological product with a user audience spreadout on six continents💪

✅ Expanded the list of supported blockchains, which will only grow.
✅ Developed a mobile application for iOS and Android, which will become available for download after obtaining a license.
✅ Redesigned the S-Wallet interface, taking into account all the wishes of users.
✅ Introduced two-factor authentication: Email, Telegram, Google Authenticator.
✅ Developed @S_WalletBot in Telegram for a notification system, authorization, two-factor authentication right in the smartphone.
✅ Successfully prevented 4 out of 4 hacker attacks and carried out work to improve security.

Whitelist Form:
TestNet Web-version:

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